and the Signs continue…

2015 prayer card on jay bikeSince my last blog entry about “Signs”, I am once again blown away by what I believe is another “Sign” that Steve is still watching over me.  The “Signs” seem to come whenever I am in a deep pit of despair over the loss of the love of my life (yes, even though Steve has been  gone for over a year, I still have meltdowns). My meltdown this time came while I was driving back from the post office after mailing the paperwork to legally dissolve Steve’s company and the song Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money came on the radio.  This was one of our favorite songs from the early years of our relationship and my heart  was breaking as I was making it official that Steve’s company, one that he worked so hard for so many years to create, will now no longer exist.

The “Sign”?

Later on that day, after my meltdown, for some reason I can’t explain, I felt compelled to send a copy of Slipped Away to Jay Heller.  I met Jay in October, 2015 at the Maui XTERRA championships and haven’t seen or spoken to him since.  Jay’s connection to Steve is described at:–17.html

Since I knew which western US city Jay came from, I googled him and found his contact info and emailed, telling him I would love to send him a copy of Steve’s memoir for the great kindness and support he gave me while I was in Maui.  Within 30 minutes of my email to Jay, he responded:

Jean – I have kept the card that you made to remember Steve. I meant to try to reach out to you because my family and I are in Long Island / Garden City area this weekend for our friend’s daughter’s communion. I got really busy / crazy at work and didn’t get the chance. I think your telepathy is working really well because I was thinking of you. So I am out here this weekend. Maybe I can pick it up personally rather than mail it? We don’t have a car and don’t know all that is planned but sure would like to figure it out. We head back Monday. Let me know. Good to hear from you.”

So, since Garden City is only a 15-20 minute drive from where I live, I met Jay and his family that night at the mall there to give him the book in person.   And, to support the theory of six degrees of separation…  Jay’s wife went to college with a friend of Steve and myself.

As Steve has always said, there are no coincidences.



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