My “Red Letter Day”

Previously, I had blogged about my  week long Engine 2 immersion which I attended in Sedona in October.  This was part of my healing journey that I wanted to do in an effort to ‘kick start’  a plant based diet.

At the end of the immersion week, the participants were asked to write a letter to themselves with  their thoughts about where they would like to be a month or so after they returned home.  We put our letters into a red envelope that we addressed to ourselves, which was  mailed to us weeks after the immersion was completed.

About two weeks ago, I had a “red letter day”.  A “red letter day” is defined as a day that is pleasantly noteworthy or memorable.  I was excited to see my red envelope in the mail, even though I totally forgot what I had written.  The image of my letter to myself that I posted is not very easy to read, so I will decipher for you:

“I hope this letter finds you with far less neurological symptoms than you have today (October 8, 2016).  There is no coincidence that at this time in your life you have  found and committed to a plant based diet.  Steve has guided you here so you can be healthy and tell his story to help others.”

Although my neurological symptoms have not improved, it was still a “red letter day” for me when I read the letter I had written to myself.  It brought back memories of the amazing people I met at the immersion and the knowledge I had gained about the importance of healthy eating.   It was no coincidence that I also re-connected with a very good friend of Steve’s for many years, Rip Esselstyn who had encouraged me to attend the immersion.

On the day I opened the letter and to this very day,  I have been true to the plant based diet since I left Sedona.  Several years of a junk food vegetarian diet, severe mental stress and emotional anguish took its toll on my body and I believe it will take more than two months on my new diet to correct my body’s imbalance. Even more noteworthy;  I am still well enough to continue the telling of Steve’s story.  My course of action is very clear to me; I will not give up on this diet any time soon as I truly believe it will improve the quality of my life.

As you can imagine, this is not an easy journey.  I dont go out to eat much since I dont like annoying the wait staff with all my questions about added oils and sugars in the menu items.  More of my time is spent shopping for food.  It also takes me a long time to prepare the simplest meals since my slowness of movement and not so great fine motor skills impair my ability to use my hands or work quickly.

Luckily,  I have been able to keep the sugar addicted beast with fangs of dripping chocolate at bay.  I never thought in a million years I could give up my doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies, but I developed a steely resolve at the immersion week and will continue, setting small achievable goals for myself to assess the impact of this diet on my health.

Stay tuned…


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