Just when you think you are making headway in your life, something will always manage to come along and smack you in the face.

Recently, someone (a non verified purchaser) posted an anonymous  “review” on for Slipped Away.   Then the same exact words were posted by a name I never heard of as a comment to a 5 star review.     It was not a review, but rather a personal attack on me.  The words that were used bear the signature and tone of someone who has tried to malign me in social media in the past about Slipped Away, so I have a good idea as to who may have done this “review”.  What was said was so cruel and heartless, it makes me pity the person who wrote it as he/she is still filled with so much hatred and misery, that it will eventually destroy them.   How a human being can be so insensitive and vicious to another human being, especially the life partner and soul mate  of someone who took their own life  is beyond me.  I can only conclude they too must suffer from mental illness.  Unlike Steve, who turned his mental anguish against himself, this person seems to externalize their mental pain by attacking others and attempting to defame others  with baseless lies.

If you have read Slipped Away,  my blog, Facebook page or website, you will see that Steve and I had a loving relationship that endured for over 33 years, in spite of his illness.  The intent of the book is to carry on Steve’s legacy, inspire conversation about mental health and since all of the proceeds are donated to a veterans nonprofit, it helps to provide outlets for veterans suffering from PTSD and depression. Why this person would write something in such a way that they think it will deter book sales serves no purpose.  So many people have reached out to me and thanked me as my writings have helped them in different ways, whether it is finally feeling empowered to talk about the suicide of their loved one or letting people feel like they are not alone with what they are experiencing when dealing with mental illness and suicide.

This person implied that they knew Steve, but, anyone who TRULY knew and understood Steve, would NEVER do what this person has done as Steve would be devastated by the hateful  comments and accusations uttered by this misguided soul.


3 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Jean,

    I am sorry some people take their grief and perhaps jealousy out on others. It’s unfair, and cruel. I have publicly( as of yesterday) posted one of my posts on my FB page. Though I have blocked those who have attacked me in the past, I do not doubt I’ll get some lash back. With that being said, it was not this persons life. Unless they lived it, they will never understand it. Never.

    I’m glad the comment was taken down. Please keep writing and Steve’s memoire is a testimony of your love for him, inspiration for conversation surrounding mental illness, and making movement towards finding appropriate supports for family members and those who are affected by

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    • Thank you for your comment. I always say unless we have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, we have no right to judge. I hope your online friends support you and your blog. Even though we should let mean spirited comments roll off our shoulders, sometimes it is easier sad than done, especially if the words are vicious and cruel. The written word can be very powerful.


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