“The Beauty is in the Balance”.

These were words Steve so firmly believed in and he tried his best to find balance throughout his life.  Steve taught so many others to find their own balance, both in their sport and in their lives.   We now know, not unlike as it is in the “shoemaker’s children” proverb,  Steve struggled greatly  in his final years before he died by suicide, trying to find his own equilibrium.

On a daily basis, I too still grapple with finding my footing in life, both from a physical as well as an emotional perspective.   For many years, as a dancer, I took my good physical balance for granted, never realizing that someday it would be taken away from me by a progressive, incurable disease.  Although I am thankful for what I still have, I will always miss what I had worked on for so many years, which is now another loss I grieve.

From an emotional and mental balance perspective, even though I have recently made some decisions to try and help me bring back stability to my life, every day is still a struggle for me.  However,  I am encouraged when people tell me they think I am strong or I inspire them.   Little do they know, I am so afraid I will never find a new “normal” and that the rest of my life will be filled with instability and unevenness.

Steve was a wise man and he taught me so much.  I can almost hear him whispering in my ear, telling me to keep searching  for that beauty in the balance, and by doing so, everything will turn out to be okay.


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