The purpose of this blog is to inspire conversation about mental illness and suicide.  The blog is an off shoot of my memoir (Slipped Away) about a gentle soul who gave so much love and joy to others in spite of his own depression. Steve Tarpinian took his own life on March 15, 2015. He was a beloved coach, swimmer, entrepreneur, friend and companion. His vision established the landscape for triathlon on Long Island. Steve’s true legacy is the lives that he positively impacted while on his journey. Slipped Away exemplifies Steve’s journey and the lives he touched along the way. It include tributes from his soul mate of 33 years, his colleagues, his students, the triathlon community as well as his own writings. The intention of this book is to have Steve’s depth of spirit and compassion live on and continue to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

Seven months after Steve passed, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Now, in addition to Steve’s story, I am telling my own.

Please watch my video (A tragedy and a love story) :

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  1. youre amazing.. i connect with this .. i met the love of mt life in january april 5th he hung himself .. my limbo my pain is crucifying he left two little girls and a cesspit of questions with me.. selfish no suicide is brave ..


    • tamazin, i am so sorry for your terrible loss yes, the pain is crucifying and with so many unanswered questions. i believe anyone who has suffered a loss to suicide eventually comes to terms with the fact that suicide is not selfish. the loved one’s rational thinking was clouded with so much mental anguish, pain i cant even imagine. i wish you peace and strength


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